3 Things Trial

The 3 Things for Life app has a great 30 day 3 things Free trial and is very popular. The App store free app also helps get a lot of things done for a lot of people and is also popular.

One thing that is always exciting. Is the super feedback I receive from users, and all app users are important.

So I would love to hear more about why you choose the app, what you were looking for, how the app performs for you every day and how it might be better in some areas and also any bugs that you have discovered.

If you are a free app user, 30 day trial app or a full app user you will know. The app delivers simple organisation. Using not a complex system but a simple system that is enough for all task and todo list management.

I am listening

I want to hear the things you like about the app and the things you do not like such as bugs or something you simply do not understand. I also love to hear the things you think should be a feature or function out of the box. I spent a lot of time considering the base philosophy behind my todo list app but I also know fresh new angles and points of view. Really help to create a better app in the long run. There is a balance to be struck between faith and loyalty to the base concept and the higher functions and features it can bring forward.

Please feel free to send in your feedback the good, the bad or the plain bugly to [email protected]

One final note that helps me: It always helps to included the version of iOS and iphone/ipad model you may be using when sending in our feedback.

The thing was, or at least the main problem was – I had used so many todo apps, from Android to iOS, but mainly iOS but so many things! 

Yet I had no todo app that I liked, or that I used daily, but I really needed one.

Before I began writing this blog post. I decided to check out one of the older apps I had used a lot, but had stopped using – Holy guacamole Batman!

My inbox was bursting with over 150+ not-done things still to-do! 

So many todo’s, not enough time, lists, things for someday, things for later and yet zero cares in the world from me to get motivated and work down the list. This is the absolute reverse of getting things done. No joke.

To think, I even paid good money for this app and other apps for use across multiple iOS devices.

How did things get so bad with my app choices?

Was it me or was it the app?

Truth be told. It is a combination of both things.

Software becomes tired, developers start losing interest, users stop using it because they sense the lack of care, the list can be long. The problems many.

People behind great projects often lose sight of what made their app so great in the first place. Then bad choices begin to happen. Yet, these choices are cast in a positive frame, because they are chasing some new dream app. Or, marketing takes over design and development for whatever reasoning.

The end product is not always matching the dream app that loyal and existing user base grew to trust and love, even if the intention was to give users a better experience. A core point was missed. One thing does not always follow the other. This is more often learned the hard way.

Some die-hard users stay, some grumble while others love the new look and the new way of doing things.

A good segment of disgruntled users migrate to another app, give up or revert to pen and paper!

I am neither or any of those users. I am a user who wanted a new solution. Not an existing one. I had already found these, to my cost. I wanted something more real, something more sincere. I am a user who imagines things can be different to make things better.

I wanted an app that worked liked I work.

I wanted an app that took the power iOS and iPhone had to offer, but applied it delicately. I wanted an app that created an enduring habit of productive use, effectively. I wanted an app with a “paper like” experience, but iPhone beautiful, mobile and always in hand.

Most of all, I wanted it to be simple.

Simple to use. Simple to do.

Oh, and I also wanted an app that solved the negative ways I worked, so I could focus on the positive ways. I knew one thing for sure. I had to design and develop it myself, because I had to design for me and no one had designed an app for me on the App store LOL!

I have done this, and it is very exciting to see, but also to use. I am very excited about releasing it to the world because if this works for me, it sure can work for you, with minimal effort and maximum focus.

Release Update 1: 

The 3 Things for Life ToDo list App is moving ever so closer to being ready for anyone and everyone to download from the the app store and use everday.

Coming Soon to the App Store – 3 Things for Life ToDo list