Is there an iOS app for ADHD / ADD?

The answer may be Yes and it won’t cost a penny.  

Did you ever consider that the intensity of modern tech’s proliferation of devices competing for you attention

That this competition has actually reduced your short term focus and concentration. 

That your short term memory is constantly fried with so many  notifications.

Maybe you have  been diagnosed with ADHA or ADD, or just feel like you might be a prime candidate for finding a simple reliable solution to keep track of easily forgotten things you need to do and you might also have wondered is there an App for this?

These are some of the many reasons I created 3thingsforlife app, and even since the launch of the 3thingsforlife, Apple has introduced Focus features at the iOS level. 

Apple here is recognising the cognitive challenges of the modern iPhone users daily life. 

You can Download the app from the App store  and see if it reduces or eliminates any of the problem outlined above, with no commitment – try the the 30 day trial or just run with the free version that goes with you for life. 

It might just be the simplest most effective app you have ever used to get things done.

Why not give it a try!