Is there an iOS app for ADHD / ADD?

Have you  been diagnosed with ADHA or ADD or just feel like you might be a prime candidate and wonder about it sometimes.

Did you ever consider that the intensity of modern tech and proliferation of devices has actually been reducing your short term focus and concentration, and your short term memory is constantly fried with so many distractions aka notifications and of course, things to do!

Have you wondered is there an App for that?

The 3thingsforlife super simple to-do list app, is appealing on many levels because it gives you the right kind of focus and for-later scratch list, and was designed as a reaction to today’s world of permanent distractions, complex and costly apps. 

Even since the luanch of the 3thingsforlife app Apple has introduced Focus features into iOS, recognise the challenges of the modern iPhone user. 

Try it out and see what it feels like for you, there is not commitment – simply try the the 30 day trial or just run with the  standard free version once you install it from the app store. 

This might be the simplest and most effective app you have ever used to get things done.

Why not give it a try!