User Guide

How to Create a Todo:

Tap the “+” button and enter your todo

How to Complete a Todo

Swipe over your todo in the top focus menu to mark complete

How to Delete a Todo:

Swipe left to right over any todo and tap to delete

How to Edit any Todo:

Double tap a Todo to edit

Prioritising or Moving Todos:

Tap once, the ToDo you wish to move.

Next Tap once, the todo you wish to replace in the 1-3 top list. 

Note: A user may only move/swap a todo into, out of or re-position within the primary top #3 todo focus list. 

How to Show/Hide “for later” ToDo list:

Tap the “-” button to hide or reveal the secondary list of Todos

Note: This secondary list will automatically hide when you close the app or switch apps. 

ToDo Max. Chacter limts

Currently and depending on the size of your iPhones screen, the maximum characters available per ToDo entry ranges from 32 – 38 character max.