App Update Info

The latest information on current release versions, including features fixes and also historical release info.
1.10 – Current Version
  • Includes new 30 Day Free Trial of the full app.
  • Includes a new upgrade options panel found in the settings menu to access in-app upgrades and any free trials.



This is update improves the following:

  • Introduces a swipe gesture that gives another way to access (open or close) the new settings panel

  • Removes the option to deleting existing todo data by running a new tutorial.

This is an important update which fixes:

  • Fixes visual UI bug for Dark Mode users when accessing the new integrated user interface settings panel.


This update represents a redesign of part of the app UI to include the following:

  • A new integrated user interface settings panel accessible within the app native UI.


This update includes the following:

  • Fixes a display bug that made editing a todo entry difficult due to the user seeing a text doubling up effect when editing a todo.

  • Also includes corrections and refinements to the text of the first launch in-app tutorial.

A small update with broad appeal, includes the following:

  • In-App Star rating review prompt for all users.

  • iOS compatibility widened to iOS 13.0 and higher.

Due to great feedback this is an important stability release and feature update, particularly for our users enjoying iOS 14.x on their devices while also providing for iPad users:

  • Introduces fixes to improve UI stability for iOS 14.x users

  • Increased iPad character limit to 68 characters per todo for iPad users.

  • Free Version: Introduced changes to Ad serving to improve overall app stability and performance.

Overall this release is intended to improve app stability and user experience on first launch.

Our iPad users are important, even though 3 things for life was originally conceived for iPhone, it still looks and works great on iPad and since you invested in iPad for more screen real-estate, iPad users now enjoy an increase of 68 characters per todo item – taking full advantage of the extra screen space, while staying incredibly focused by keeping your todo list simple and to the point.

3 Thing for Life App now released and available on the App Store.
3 Thing for Life App COMING SOON to the App Store: